Once upon a time...

... there were six game developers from all over Sweden who were looking for an adventure. Together they formed an idea and a vision, and Sunscale Studios was born.

Sunscale Studios is a small indie game studio located in Skövde, Sweden. Our goal is to create new worlds and new experiences where players of all ages and backgrounds can have a good time.

Our Crew of Shenanigans


Rebecca Romin rebecca@sunscalestudios.com

3D Artist

Gabriel Sandstedt gabriel@sunscalestudios.com

Sound Designer

Kevin Engstrand kevin@sunscalestudios.com

Game Designer

Louise Buller louise@sunscalestudios.com


Gustav Johansson gustav@sunscalestudios.com

2D Artist

Laila Bulduk laila@sunscalestudios.com