About Hyss

Angry fairies, a kidnapped herd of cows and a devastated cow queen. Play as Vilde and Grusa, throw Ms. Cowknight and solve the fairies’ tricky puzzles to save the kidnapped cows. Hyss is a lighthearted puzzle adventure about friendship with focus on platforming, puzzle solving and throwing cows.
Make your way through an enchanting Swedish forest by using teleportation stumps, fairy rings and much more.

Dual Characters

Throw Ms. Cowknight and use her in different ways to solve the puzzles.
Carry Vilde on Grusas shoulders, or switch between the two to reach various areas and solve different tasks.

Solve Puzzles

Throw Cows!

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About Us

Sunscale Studios is a tight knit team of three developers located in Sweden's most windy city, Skövde. We originally come from all over Sweden, but have gathered here in Skövde to work together and to make the games that we would want to play ourselves.

We make small PC games with focus on using simple and straight forward mechanics to make challenging and engaging gameplay.
Our vision is to make games that in some way contribute to making the games industry a more equal place, and to break some of the negative stereotypes that can be found in many games today. Our belief is that there's a game out there for everyone, we just have to find it!
Gustav Johansson
- Programmer -

Kevin Engstrand
- Vice CEO / Sound Designer -

Rebecca Romin
- CEO / Marketing -

Mystery Person
- Graphic Artist -
Will soon be revealed!


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